Selected projects: change of ownership

  1. Worked on the GBP 850 million acquisition of the pharmaceutical division of UK conglomerate by a German pharmaceutical / chemical company and led the post-merger integration and valuation of the R&D-portfolios involving R&D sites in several European and non-European countries. This included a detailed commercial and technological valuation of the individual projects and led, among others, to a robust computer assisted valuation methodology later used by several other Client Service Teams. Net effect was a more than 20 % reduction of combined R&D expenditures while at the same time increasing the expected commercial value of the pipeline.
  2. Developed the acquisition strategy for a leading power generation equipment manufacturer to acquire the multi-billion dollar fossil power generation division of an integrated US conglomerate and developed the post-merger integration concept. Led the purchasing and supply chain optimization effort throughout the post-merger situation on an operational level. This resulted in a total cost reduction of purchased materials by 20 % and the successful integration of the purchasing organizations.
  3. Led the re-evaluation of the acquisition based expansion for the power-train unit of a global truck manufacturer into the North American market. This included a detailed assessment of the market and of likely responses from competitors, the financial evaluation of the acquisition target, the development of alternative deal structures and direct negotiation support.