Selected engagements: operational improvement

  1. Developed the global manufacturing strategy for a leading international pharmaceutical company. This included a decision logic to streamline the global plant portfolio and a recommendation balancing economic, regulatory and marketing aspects. The result was a reduction of three manufacturing sites, the successful transfer of products and the remaining, higher utilized plants dedicated to specific roles within a global network.
  2. Developed an integrated pre-clinical and clinical R&D strategy for a German pharmaceutical company. In addition to strategic and technological prioritization, the project also developed a consistent management process to align marketing objectives with R&D focus and to integrate internal and external R&D spending. Result was a minor reduction of overall R&D spending, a significant shift from internal to external spending and a significantly improved fit between the marketing capabilities and the product pipeline leading to substantially highr sales projections.
  3. Outlined and managed the operational reorganization of a EUR 60 million liquid and solid pharmaceuticals manufacturing site. Results included a cost reduction of 15 % largely driven by internal efficiency gains, a 1,5 % price- and a 4,5% volume-driven revenue increase primarily due to micro-marketing in OTC and consumer segments. The day-to-day work included operational management and coordination of the communication and mobilization effort aimed at all employees.