Selected projects: privatization

  1. Worked on the carve-out and privatization of infrastructure services such as water, electricity, railroads, and workshops of a major industrial park. The work included separating the utility services from other industrial activities, negotiating the various service agreements, developing a business concept including financial valuation and supporting of the sales negotiation with outside investors. Day-to-day activities included close cooperation with legal and investment banking advisors.
  2. Consulted on the valuation and privatization of several lignite coal mines and the integrated base-load power generator in Eastern Germany with a total transaction volume of EUR 5 billion. Key responsibility was for financial valuation, deal structuring and negotiation support for the EUR 1 billion sale of the mining operations and the balance sheet restructuring of the power generator prior to the sale. Day-to-day work included close cooperation with legal and investment banking advisors.
  3. Led the privatization of the water and electricity industry in a Middle East country. After developing the overall strategy this included operational and financial break-up of a formerly integrated conglomerate, development of a regulatory framework and tendering the first privately owned water and electricity station. Results included a 25 % reduction in operating cost (excluding fuel) for the existing entities and the signing of a first Independent Water- and Electricity -Production contract at 35 % below budgeted cost.